Tai Chi meets Giant Theremin

CV recently launched its Temporary Moments of Humanity project which I hope will become a series of public space interventions that experiment with bringing reflective spaces to our hyped-up/overstimulated world. The first cab off the rank was Tai Chi Meets Giant Theremin which juxtaposed the meditative movements of tai chi practitioners (with the help of sonic art installation the ‘Giant Theremin’) against the backdrop of peak hour pedestrian traffic.

On the day I reckon about 0.4% of passers-by stopped for a closer look, 1.7% smiled,  and the rest of you just kept your heads down and your ear buds firmly positioned. Take a squiz at the video but please note this work is designed to be a slow, meditative piece so maybe bookmark it for later if you ain’t got no time. Or take a look at some of the pics from the day.