CV offers strategic advisory services that are tailored for the arts & culture, and community sector environments. These are not standardised services but are individually tailored for each client which means you are more likely to get what you need and I’m more likely to have an interesting project!

Types of projects CV undertake include the following:

  • organisational review
  • arts & cultural policy development
  • general strategic advisory services
  • group facilitation
  • community consultation
  • mediation
  • professional development (see coaching)

Cultural Value does not work to a ‘consultant as expert’ model; this way of working may still hold some sway in the financial services sector, but within arts/culture and the community sector, it really doesn’t cut it. In a nutshell, what this means I use my expertise to capacity build with clients rather than pretending that I am the font of all knowledge. In organisational psychobabble language we call this a move from the politics of salvation to the politics of revelation. It’s simply recognising that the capacity to solve the problems lies both with the consultant and with the client.

A typical engagement process will commence with a mutual approach to problem identification. Often times the ‘presenting issue’ may only be part of the problem and it may take some time to fully appreciate the scope of the work to be undertaken.