Organisational Role Analysis (ORA) is an approach to executive and management coaching that supports individuals to take up their roles by asking you to consider:

  • what is it that I bring to this role?
  • what is the expectation of this role from my organisation?, and
  • bearing these factors in mind, how I can I take up my role most congruently?

In ORA, the concept of ‘role’ is located at the intersection of the individual and the organisation, which means we look at both systemic and individual issues which might be affecting a person’s ability to function optimally in their role.


ORA coaching is usually contracted over six sessions at fortnightly intervals and with each session running for 90 minutes. The process is most suited to individuals who have some experience of engaging in self-reflective practice or are open to this way of working.

I have also found this particular approach to coaching to be very useful for people who occupy dual roles, e.g., artists/creatives who are working in organisations and may be struggling with how to function optimally within the constraints imposed by an organisational system.