Home Town Boy Comes Good

Nice to get a bit of PR in the Geelong Advertiser for Cultural Value’s recently launched mini-documentary titled North Shore: Geelong’s Boom Town 1920-1950. It may sound cliché but as someone who spent their formative years in Geelong, the experience of making this work has been enriching in ways that I had not anticipated.

Feelings about one’s home town are rarely neutral; they can evoke emotions of pride or revolt depending on our experiences. My most prominent memories of Geelong are of being a self-conscious misfit teenager, of trying to come to terms with complex family dynamics, and of establishing an early adult identity.

Re-immersing myself this environment, beyond a family or adolescent context, has been an integrative process. A wealth of new stories, knowledge, and relationships has given me an altogether different experience of my home town. One that is less charged with memories of my own past, but enmeshed with those of the participants I journeyed with in the making of this work.


Eastern Beach (ca. 1954). A place that my mother tells me I used to blissfully sleep the hours away. Photo courtesy of the State Library of Victoria.

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