Creative Classy my —!

Anyone working even remotely near the cultural policy world, will be familiar with Richard Florida’s contribution to the creative cities debate. In a nutshell it goes like this…ship in the hipsters, the geeks, and the gays, then add water, stir, wait for a wee while and your city will be basking in economic growth!

OK, so that may be a simplistic reading but nonetheless it’s been refreshing to be finally having a very public debate about Florida’s ideas – ideas that many policy wonks have adopted wholeheartedly and often without any robust analysis of their own. For an alternative view of Florida’s world, take a look at this article by Frank Bures titled The Fall of the Creative Class. While it does have a ring of ‘sour grapes’ about it at times, its publication at the very least signals that its time for some decent debate of Florida’s theories.

You can also view Florida’s response to the article here. And if you’re still not tuckered out from all that reading, here’s Bures’ response to Florida’s response. Not sure if Florida has responded to Bures’ response to his response yet…

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